Ernet Sink Opener 1 Kg

  • Active Liquid Formula
  • Clears Congestion Instantly
  • Provides Hygiene
  • Eliminates Bad Smells

180.00 AFN

No Clogging in Drain Pipes

Ernet Sink Opener It opens the blockages formed by the accumulation of various dirt, oil, hair and plastering residues in liquids, sinks and outlets by chemical melting.

Instruction manual

Pour 1/3 of the liquid in the bottle into the clogged sink or pipe.

After waiting for 5-10 minutes, pour 1 L boiling water into the sink or pipe. Do not breathe vapor. If the blockage is not cleared, repeat the procedure.

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Brand Ernet
Weight 1Kg
Type Bottle
Form Liquid
Made in Turkey

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