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  • Locks in moisture
  • Provides medium hold
  • Maximum shine
  • Helps minimize frizz and enhance curl

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A traditionally produced pomade with only four ingredients. Gives a perfect, medium hold and exceptional shine. With a mild, nostalgic scent.

The new DAX Neat Waves pomade at first irritates the experienced pomade fan. Because it comes in an orange box, the color which has been entitled since 1925 by the Murray’s Superior or Murray’s Super Light Pomade. But this decision was certainly not without reason at the Imperial DAX Company, because you can tell by the new pomade, whom DAX had with this new grease in mind: The users of the Murray’s Pomade, like rockabillies and fans of 1940/50er hairstyles. Still, the DAX Neat Waves is totally different from the Murray’s pomades.

The effect

With the new Neat Waves the U.S. manufacturer DAX managed a real coup. Since the pomade a successful blend of the heavy “DAX Wave & Groom” and the soft, shiny “DAX Short & Neat”:

  • on one hand, this pomade is medium weight but provides a firm hold. The hairs appear stronger and even more voluminous.
  • On the other hand, the gloss is excellent, comparable to a Royal Crown Mens Pomade.
  • And yet the hair does not look oily or greasy.

With this DAX Neat Waves the hair feels very clean and smooth, almost as if it had been dampened. If you run your hand over your hair, it’s like gliding over piano lacquer. No greasy, sticky or oily trace. After half an hour or an hour if you glide through your hair the hair feels fluffy and on the fingers stays just a hint of a creamy feeling. The hairstyle remains flexible and glossy at all times, and you can comb through without damaging the quality of hold or shine.


Which hairstyle fits this pomade

The DAX Neat Waves is perfect for hair styles of the 1950s, like the pompadour, the Elvis quiff or a neat shiny business look. The medium weight, tough and sticky consistency also manages to tame thin, normal or curly hair quite well. The hairstyle keeps its shape all day. The gloss does not dry out. If required you just comb your hair back as desired.

Less useful is the DAX Neat Waves for dryish, modern hairstyles because it is just too shiny.


For whom is this product

  • Quite clear: for Rockabillies
  • For mixers of the red DAX with the blue DAX
  • For fans of the Royal Crown Mens Pomade, Royal Crown Hair Dressing or Tuxedo Club
  • For the dapper businessman style

Consistency and fragrance

The DAX Neat Waves looks like a very light colored, creamy honey. By the consistency it reminds clearly of pomades by J. Strickland & Co. from Memphis / Tennessee. Because it is really nice soft and chewy, like melted cheese, and is very easy to handle. On the fingers it won’t stick and also washing it out from your hands won’t cause any problems.

Interestingly enough, in this “Orange DAX” are the same ingredients as in the “red DAX”, but in a different order. So this one is dominated by petrolatum, and – although very mildly scented – in second place, comes the fragrance. In third and fourth place follows mineral oil and lanolin (wool wax).

The scent is very mild and very pleasant kind of old-school. Fans of the DAX Wave & Groom or the DAX Short & Neat will feel at home. You can smell subtle hints of vanilla, orange and cedar.


Directions and styling tips

The DAX Neat Waves almost can’t be overdosed. Nevertheless start with just a finger full of pomade (ie as much as you can easily get of pomade on your finger from the can) and rub it between your fingers or hands, until the pomade feels even. Now run your fingers through your hair, you can also rub in into the hair roots and the scalp. Rub it in the beginning not too much into the front section of hair, as it might otherwise look quickly too flat. On the sides and top hair (ie the upper area of hair) you can use more just as needed. Then comb in style. That’s it. There shoudl be no need of a additional soft pomade for extra shine.

Washing out:

Although the DAX Neat Waves is a classic pomade, you’ll get most out of your hair washed out relatively well. If however something should be left in your hair, it will make a good start for a nice hairstyle in the next morning. You will just need to comb your hair a bit in shape and there you go.


For best results use a hairbrush with real bristles. The dense bristles provide a smooth appearance to the hair and help the pomade lay the hair even better. You may use a high-quality hairbrush from Kent or the less expensive from Diane.


  • Petrolatum
  • Fragrance
  • Mineral Oil
  • Lanolin
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